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Eastar Travel Group Corp. Announces Pricing of Initial Private Offering (IPO)

Eastar Travel Group is offering to sell 1,000,000 shares of common stock in this offering. These common stocks are entitled to one vote per share. We are planning to go into the public sector in a very sooner future.


NEW YORK, Jan. 25, 2022 -- Eastar Travel Group Corp.

("Eastar Travel Group Corp") announced today the pricing of its initial private offering of 1,000,000 shares of its Class A common stock at a price to the public of $1.80 per share. In addition, Eastar Travel Group Corp. has granted the underwriters an option to purchase up to an additional 1,087,500 shares of its Class A common stock. The shares are not expected to begin trading on The Nasdaq Global Market but they are planning to go public in the future.

Angel Suarez, founder of Eastar Travel Group Corp is acting as lead book-running managers for the proposed offering. This press release shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy these securities, nor shall there be any sale of these securities in any state or jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation, or sale would be unlawful prior to registration or qualification under the securities laws of any such state or jurisdiction.

Eastar Travel Group Corp. is on a mission to provide safety to our community when they shopping for travel. We have a pending patent to protect of business method. Our solution to the problem of been exposed and clients stop shopping and going to stores because of been scared of been exposed to viruses is really easy with our traditional offices and kiosks we will serve the community. Our remote employees are able to print, take payments and do everything as if they were in the office with the client. We just open our first location and its up and running at 8546 Broadway Street 145, San Antonio, TX 78217 and we made sales already.

This is a initial private offering of shares of a common stock of Eastar Travel Group Corp.

Eastar Travel Group is offering to sell 1,000,000 shares of common stock in this offering. These common stocks are entitled to one vote per share. We are planning to go into the public sector in a very sooner future. Eastar Travel Group Corp. hold a pending patent and make it the first travel company to work with kiosks around the nation. Eastar Travel Group Corp. kiosks and traditional offices will be the first ones in the nation to have complete remote employees this way we our clients will trust coming out to the offices and kiosks for business. We know how the COVID pandemic affected businesses worldwide and now more than ever customers are scared of going out for business. The community is also scared of going back to the workplace.
Eastar Travel Group offers vacation packages, hotels, flights, and car rentals at a very competitive price. We currently launch our first traditional office with remote employees in 8546 Broadway Street 145, San Antonio, Texas 78217 and we have sold vacation packages and have a portfolio this month. In case we sell more than 1 million shares we will sit in the board to get authorized to sell more shares.
Our Business

Our modern economy runs on safety. Today safety lives in social distancing, and Eastar Travel Group collaboration platform where more and more travel is sold. We serve The State of Texas and the entire nation.

Eastar Travel Group was founded in 2022 with a simple idea: Life would be a lot better if everyone could go out and shop without been exposed to unknown viruses. We focused on reducing the exposure of viruses by servicing the clients on a remote basis from traditional offices or kiosks. Our employees can print and see face to face our clients they can do everything a person in the office can.

We believe the need for our platform to continue to grow as a team become more fluid and global, and travel is increasing. By solving these universal problems, we’ve become invaluable to our users. The popularity of our services drives a viral growth, which has allowed us to scale rapidly and efficiently.

What Sets Us Apart

Since the beginning, we’ve focused on safety and free exposure environment. In a world where been around each other can become frustrating we take a different approach.
Our Growth Strategy

We designed Eastar Travel Group to be easy to use, from the website to our in-store services are very easy and safe to use. We estimate that approximately 300 million of travelers will switch with us once everyone knows about our services and benefits. We reach of users through social media, radio, television advertising, and email notifications. We just implemented a texting advertising method this month.

Expand our ecosystem

Our open and thriving ecosystem fosters deeper relationships with our travelers and make Eastar more valuable to them over time. To scale and reach of our platform is enhanced by a number of third-party applications on our platform.

Use of proceeds

We estimate that the net proceeds to us from the sale of shares of our common stock in this private offer will be approximately 1,000,000usd based upon initial private offering price of 1.80. The principal purposes of this offering are to increase our capitalization and financial flexibility, create a public market for our common stock, and enable access to the public equity markets for us and our future stockholders. We intend to use portion of the net proceeds we receive from this offering to repay $206 thousand that is expected to be outstanding immediately prior to the completion of this offering under our revolving credit facility, which we intended to draw down prior to the completion of this offering to satisfy tax withholding and remittance obligations. Additionally we may use a portion of the net proceeds we receive from this offering and the concurrent private placement to acquire business, products, services, or technologies. However, we do not have agreements or commitments of any material acquisitions at this time.

Voting rights

Shares of our common stock are entitled to one vote per share. Holders of common stock will generally vote together as a single class, unless otherwise required by law or our amended and restated certificate of incorporation.

Proposed Nasdaq Global Select Market trading symbol “EAS” if available when we are ready to go public in the future.

Initial private offering price 1.80 per share, 1,800,000.00 Total

Where to buy private shares

Please use the website

For checks or wire transfer please contact Angel Suarez at 210-986-4833

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