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Award Winning ETHOS Founder Reflects On Threads’ New Dawn For Discourse

ETHOS CEO and Founder shares her opinion of Threads and the future of social media.


The global launch of Threads, by Instagram this week, has put the spotlight on the social media space once again. Just a week ago, ETHOS founder, Alejandra de Brunner was awarded the prestigious Diana Award, an accolade that celebrates social action or humanitarian work demonstrated by young people aged 9-25 years. At 22 years old, Alejandra is the driving force behind ETHOS, the social media app designed for meaningful conversations.

ETHOS was conceptualised in 2020. Frustrated by the lack of safe spaces online to have real conversations about causes that really matter, Alejandra decided to build an app which would empower a generation to create a better future for the next, through healthier connections online. Like many, she has been questioning whether it is ambitious to expect that Threads is going to help us have better discussions, given the foundations it is born out of?

The mass adoption of Threads even in these very early days, reinforces what Alejandra describes as ‘the yearn for an alternative that can truly redefine the broken way in which we can currently discuss online’; the ETHOS app CEO went on to say she feels ‘Threads appears to offer a glimmer of hope’ but explained that in her experience, the user-led model the app has adopted may not be sustainable. ‘Despite best intentions from the community, at ETHOS we believe that the fundamental commercial model of a business that hosts networks of conversation will wind up inevitably dominating the quality of discourse that it can generate; and that sadly the sheer scale and complexity at which social networks operate means that our power as individuals to turn them into positive environments is not as strong as it may appear.’

In social media terms, we’ve just entered the talking stage. We’ll see how it goes.

ETHOS is available to download on the App Store.

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