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Portugal Golden Visa Closing Very Soon for Real Estate Investors

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HUNGARY, August 3, 2023 /PRURGENT/ -- For over a decade, Portugal reigned most popular golden visa residence by investment schemes in the World. On July 19, 2023, the Portuguese parliament voted to remove the all real estate investments while still preserving the golden visa program. There is still time now for property investors to apply for golden visa, until the law is signed by the president of the Republic which we expect to take 2-3 weeks and then the law will be in force from the date of publishing in the national gazette, which we expect to happen in end of August or early September. The President can still send either approve or decline or seek amendments to legislation by sending back to the parliament. It is worth mentioning that only all property investments either direct or indirect will be unavailable for foreign investors with the amended GV law. The Capital transfer investments such as bank deposits and government bonds will be removed. Real estate remained the most popular GV route. Over 90% of the investors chose to invest in property market taking advantage of the golden visa, top investors coming from United States, Turkey, South Africa and Brazil.

The closure of GV program in Portugal will go through the following legislative steps (status as of today):

1. Initial Discussion (completed): General discussion of the law proposal in the Parliament plenary session
2. Committee Review (completed): Relevant committees examine the proposal and hear from experts and stakeholders
3. Parliament Voting (completed): Parliament can propose amendments and the proposed law is debated and voted upon
4. President Ratification (in progress): The President can ratify, veto or send the proposal back to parliament for further review
5. Constitutional Court Validation (pending): The President or other parties can request a constitutional assessment
6. Official Publishing (pending): The new law is enacted five days after its official publication in the Government Official Gazette

"It is sad to see Portugal decouple real estate from Golden visas, but we can salvage what we can"
— Prabhu Balakrishnan, Founder & CEO of Best Citizenships

Last Minute Slots

We still board clients who don't want to miss the last golden opportunity to apply for Golden visa investing in real estate. We offer fast track application process to last minute investors. We have one very last investment project available to foreign investors. You will get the entire investment back after five years, guaranteed by the developer. This is the last project we offer, due to time constraints all in one package. We don’t want to waste valuable time searching for residential properties. Before investing in this project we will help you to get Tax number and open bank account, through our dedicated law firm in two weeks, so that applications with SEF immigration authority can be filed in time before the official law is passed.

Luxury Hotel Investment (Buyback shares)

A Luxury Hotel Project will convert existing historical palace and property into Deluxe Hotel with 50 apartment rooms in Prime Urban location. Become co-owner of historical luxury hotel.

- Reduced 280,000€ investment (Last Few slots left. Almost sold out)
- Exit strategy: Shares fully refundable after 5 years by developer (guaranteed)
- Booking reservation fee – 10%
- 4-6% Yield Annual returns
- Hotel operation starting 2025
- Limited Availability (less than 5 slots left)
- Free yearly stay in three exclusive hotels
- EU citizenship after 6 years
- IMT Tax (covered by developer)
- VAT (covered by developer)
- Portuguese Citizenship after 6 years.

We will help you to get NIF Tax number and open bank account, through our dedicated law firm in two weeks, so that applications with SEF immigration authority can be filed in time before the official law is passed, which we expect to happen in end of Aug/Sep 2023. Please also prepare list of documents in advance to save time.

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