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US REIGN Fund Redefines Real Estate Investment

A Crossover of Technology, Data Science, Real Estate & Financial Prudence


Sheridan, Wyoming – October 6th, 2023 – US REIGN Fund, a trailblazer in the real estate investment landscape, announces its official launch, inviting accredited investors to own a piece of real estate without the hassles involved. The fund focuses on a diversified portfolio of multi-family apartments, strategically located in high-growth markets across the major Sun Belt, Midwest, and other opportune regions.

Investors today are seeking opportunities beyond traditional income sources like W2 jobs and social benefits for retirement. US REIGN Fund empowers them to take steps towards a giant leap, allowing them to create an alternate income stream and giving them the opportunity to build generational wealth, ultimately retiring on their own terms.

Key Highlights of US REIGN Fund:

Diversified Multi-Family Portfolio: US REIGN Fund specializes in high-yield, cash-flowing, multi-family apartments across high-growth markets and diversified asset classes, significantly lowering overall investment risk compared to single-asset syndicate investments.

Innovative Investment Strategy: The fund implements a multi-horizon propulsion strategy by rotating capital every 5-7 years while following a four-stage life-cycle – Acquire, Elevate, Operate, and Liquidate – for each underlying asset to optimize returns.

Technology-Driven Approach: At the intersection of technology, real estate, Data Science, and financial prudence, US REIGN Fund leverages its proprietary Next Generation Operations platform, the "REIGN Growth Engine." This platform harnesses modern technology, advanced data modeling, automated processes, and a cohesive ecosystem of operating components to manage the lifecycle of multi-family apartment complexes efficiently.

Founder's Vision: Mukesh Goswami, President, and CEO, known for his tech-savvy entrepreneurial journey, envisions democratizing wealth-building avenues that have worked for his real estate portfolio. He is passionate about making these opportunities accessible to all investors.

Commenting on the launch, Mukesh Goswami stated, "US REIGN Fund is not just another real estate investment opportunity; it's a movement towards financial empowerment. We aim to unlock the same avenues for everyone, helping them create significant passive income in the present while building generational wealth for the future and eventually retiring on their terms. Our Next-Gen Operations platform, the 'REIGN Growth Engine,' is the cornerstone of our competitive advantage, ensuring efficient, data-driven, and technology-optimized investments."

US REIGN Fund invites accredited investors to participate in its mission by aligning collective wisdom and pooled investments, the fund enables investors to own a share of a diversified multi-family apartment portfolio, offering the potential for stable income and long-term capital growth.

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About US REIGN Fund:
US REIGN Fund, sponsored & promoted by US REIGN LLC, is a pioneering real estate investment fund specializing in high-yield, cash-flowing multi-family apartments located in growth markets across the major Sun Belt, Midwest, and other opportune regions. The fund's mission is to empower investors to build generational wealth and provide innovative investment opportunities at the intersection of technology, real estate, data science, and financial prudence.

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