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New Horror Novel, Secrets Gnaw at the Flesh by C.J. Weiss, is a Haunted House Story with a Twist

Secrets Gnaw at the Flesh pits a generational family of supernatural experts against a historically malevolent haunting. Dark family secrets will threaten to divide the family, and their newest in-law will either tip the scales toward salvation or hurtle them toward devastation.


[Austin, TX, October 23] - Released today, Secrets Gnaw at the Flesh takes the haunted house formula and turns it upside down.

A family of paranormal experts have kept ghosts and worse from escaping their haunted estate for generations. A young man who’s marrying in has to decide if that life is worth it for the woman he loves, but by the time he chooses, it might be too late to leave. Signs are showing a historically malevolent haunting approaches, secrets start to divide the tight-knit family, and a rift is opening that will seal them all in for a few months or until every family member lays dead.

Early reviews on Goodreads rate the novel 4.5 stars. Author C.J. Weiss says, "I was bored by haunted house novels with hapless protagonists who have no business surviving past night one. I took the idea of a family of supernatural experts, built a unique world around their clandestine existence, and added dangers beyond typical ghosts - ones that would pose a real threat to their lives."

Ordering Details
Secrets Gnaw at the Flesh (979-8-9864877-2-4) is available as of October 23, 2023. It's available as an eBook ($4.99) and in paperback ($16.99) from online retailers everywhere, including (,, Barnes & Noble, and Apple Books.

About C.J. Weiss
C.J. lives in Austin, TX with his wife and two cats. Secrets Gnaw at the Flesh is his second novel. He tries his best to balance a love for the outdoors with surviving a summer heat that lasts 7 months/year. He loves hiking, board/video games, traveling, and obviously reading. Also a big, big fan of peanut butter. Only the natural stuff - oil separation is normal!

Contact C.J. via or (512)937-3425? for more information or to schedule an interview. He may also be reached at:

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C.J. Weiss
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