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Announcing The Pat Riordan Mystery Series: A Compelling Crime Mystery Trilogy

Columbia, Missouri born author J. Michael McGee brings to readers an immersive and engaging trilogy of amateur sleuth mysteries with The Pat Riordan Mystery Series. McGee's unique background as an investigator and mental health therapist at a prison sets the stage for narratives filled with hard-hitting and realistic dialogue.


The series kicks off with Bricked, a novel that delves into the challenges faced by hard-to-handle teenagers in a small college town. Pat Riordan, the protagonist, navigates the complexities of teaching in a school for at-risk students. McGee's firsthand experience as a teacher and his deep understanding of the criminal justice system shine through, providing readers with an engaging and relatable tale.

The journey continues in the second installment, The Slip Swing, where Riordan transforms from an academic into an amateur shamus. Accused of involvement in a missing woman case, Riordan faces the challenges of being a person of interest while uncovering a paranormal twist to an unsolved murder. The narrative is driven by hard dialogue, reflecting McGee's extensive experience in both the criminal justice system and the education sector.

The trilogy concludes with The Cues, as Riordan, now settled into a new post at the local university, finds himself pulled into another captivating mystery. Collaborating with colleagues and a former homicide detective, Riordan investigates a decades-old murder connected to the present-day death of a colleague and a series of unsolved cases of missing women. McGee masterfully weaves together a tale that takes readers into the dark underbelly of a seemingly familiar college town.

What sets The Pat Riordan Mystery Series apart is McGee's ability to combine intricate plots with well-developed characters. The trilogy offers a fresh twist on the mystery genre, keeping readers on the edge of their seats with unexpected turns and thrilling adventures.

Reviews for the Series:

"A well-written book with all of the depth and sincerity needed to create a sense of cohesion and empathy between the narrative and the characters." - Reader of "Bricked"
"Enjoyed the development of the character, Riordan, from book 1 to book 2. Evolving from an academic into an amateur sleuth embellished the character." - Reader of "The Slip Swing"
"In 'The Cues,' Pat Riordan takes readers on a thrilling adventure through the seedy underbelly of society." - Reader of "The Cues"

Author J. Michael McGee's personal connection to the mysteries of his hometown and his extensive career in the criminal justice system make The Pat Riordan Mystery Series a must-read for fans of amateur sleuth adventures. The trilogy is available now in paperback and e-book formats on all major book platforms: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, Google Books.

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J. Michael McGee

About J. Michael McGee
J. Michael McGee, a native of Columbia, Missouri, draws inspiration from his experiences as an investigator, prison counselor, and teacher to craft engaging mysteries. With The Pat Riordan Mystery Series, McGee offers readers a unique blend of realism, suspense, and relatable characters.

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