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ApplyKart the new hiring platform is winning hearts by talking the talk and walking the walk the Gen Z way

ApplyKart’s new innovative way to help struggling students get employed.


ApplyKart founder and entrepreneur Bharati Babbar is looking to expand and upgrade her hiring platform in a new captivating light. Closing the gap for the dyer need for change in the hiring process needs to be solved. Always looking out to broaden her business and update it with new features, she has found a way to create a platform that is Gen Z friendly and makes them feel comfortable in this new space of life. Do you know you will spend 4,000 weeks on this earth and 2,500 working of them working? 26 year old's and younger will represent 27% of the global workforce by 2025 and many workers and employers are worried that Gen Z and younger generations are going to adapt to the workplace as much as they should. This expresses weakness when wanted to be hired.

Other recruiting platforms that have been around for 20 and more years have not updated their visual podium for these outstanding generations. Other hiring sites consume business’ hard earnings by charging them $300 plus per post on their platform. This is costly and makes it financially hard for business’. ApplyKart is free. This allows everyone to have an equal, fair share on this creative employment platforms. There is no platform for an easy, assessable hiring process for international people/ students as well as the older generation, struggling with language barriers can actively participate on this platform that they can feel accepted and heard in an easy light. Highly skilled and educated immigrants often find it hard to find jobs in Australia due to trust issues and hard earned study being wasted. Some employers do not trust immigrants and their experience due to different working conditions and linguistic and cultural barriers. As well as discrimination being apart of this hiring process, that a lot of immigrants experience. Gen Z and young age groups often lack work experience due to age and other unfair reasons. Young students from Australia, India and the US agree and are saying how are struggling to find jobs. The unemployment rate in Australia is sitting at 3.9%. Gen Z have had enough and expressing their anger and concern all over TikTok. Tik-Tok account owned by Keely Pejovic expressed her concern and anger via a TikTok by revealing ‘I’ve been searching for months, I cant find a job!” Feeling stress, Keely saying jobs in her preferred sector ‘just don’t exist.’ This generation are finding it hard to express themselves on hiring platforms and re restoring to TikTok. ApplyKart are making these changes where Gen Z can get the best of both worlds in this type of process.

While the growth in social media and video platforms are developing in this day and age; there is a prominent gap in the market for an updated hiring system. This is coming soon to ApplyKart. Millennials, Gen Y and X are known for always on their phones; as well as engaging in social media. Australia being home to 21 million social media users in January 2023 which equalizer's to 81% of its population. As well as 31 million cellar mobile connections were made and active in early 2023 in Australia. Most internet users of this sort are low to high 20’s which is the age group ApplyKart is covering. ApplyKart is creating and improving their existing platform to upgrade the hiring market and to target to these young generation’s needs. ApplyKart is taking advantage of todays technology and using it to reconceptualize the way the hiring process should and needs to be changed. With these new; soon to be published updates, the founders of ApplyKart have developed a strategy and implementing it onto their application that enables everyone to express themselves as they do on other social media platforms. As well as employers; both these parties can build a connection that enables everyone to feel as though they are not sitting behind a screen. Engaging with each other in a less formal way which implements relaxation and a relationship that is not formed through other hiring pages. ApplyKart wants everyone on their upcoming platform make over. While adapting their current platform to the people of this day and age, integrating and creating a sense of freedom for everyone on the platform to express themselves and feel more connected. ApplyKart closing this gap for students internationally and domestically by supporting them in helping them find options to close the gap for this age group. ApplyKart is giving the youth of Australia a go in making them more comfortable in the hiring process. Especially people that are new to Australia. ApplyKart’s upgrade to their application platform promoted inclusivity and no discrimination for blue and grey collared workers. As well as freelance work. All hours available, casual, part time or full time, enables users to have a larger choosing. Creating a platform that has a wholesome vibe that express a network that enables both parties to be relaxed and form a relationship that would not be discovered on other hiring sites. ApplyKart also ahead of the game by generating AI by sourcing and analyzing resumes as well as grouping candidates into groups of common interests and availability.

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