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Dmitry Klevansky Shares His New Recording: The Messenger (Romance with Orchestra) in Two Languages

Ulterground Records is pleased to announce the release of “The Messenger”, a romance for a male voice and string orchestra, performed by Dmitry Klevansky.


Recorded in Budapest, Hungary and New York, USA, Romance “The Messenger” explores themes of cyclicity, immortality of a soul, and realization that without true love, everything else is meaningless. The eternal wandering of a soul does not necessarily mean running in circles, but rather reaching new levels in awareness of love. Love kindles a flame in the hearts, “bringing it out of the shadows”, beyond the boundaries of time and space. This is why we feel alive and gain a sense of lightness. The vibration of truth helps us awaken love within. It is not limited to what you look like, who you are, where you are, or who you are with. The chorus begins with “I know...”, implying inner knowledge, revealing that everything in this world is not accidental, especially meetings. Some people are perceived as kindred spirits by us, and meeting them can be either inspiring or frustrating, depending on your willingness to acknowledge your own mirrored qualities. The flame of love, originally given to humanity by God, called to lead like a beacon among the darkness and winds.

Unfinished sketches of the romance were found by Galina Vasilevskaya in papers, left behind by her father, a well known composer, after his passing. With the help of her friends, Galina was able to finish the song. The deep and thoughtful poetic text, written by Aleksandr Popov Mikhaylov seamlessly matches the overall idea expressed in music, elevating the song to a level of a rare aesthetic enjoyment. Supported by a sweeping cinematic string orchestra arrangement and the expressive clarinet by Stefan Kristinkov, a sincere performance of Dmitry Klevansky – a fixture of New York and New Jersey art clubs – masterfully paints the profound ideas of the song, leaving a listener with a sense of peace and integrity.

The Messenger is available in English and Russian for streaming and download on all major platforms starting March 3, 2024.

Dmitry Klevansky is a New York/New Jersey based artist, musician and philanthropist helping people overcome the hardships of sicknesses through the art and music. Native to Cherkasy, Ukraine, Dmitry started studying music early, leading to an active performing life already at the age of nine. After moving to the United States and graduating the school, Dmitry established himself as an active performer, performing with various ensembles and wedding bands in clubs and on private parties. Soon Dmitry becomes a highly demanded artist and solo performer with a vibrant personality. His first album “Simply Working as a Magician” earned him a wide recognition in Ukrainian and Russian-speaking communities, as well as an extensive coverage in Russian language media. Several more solo and collaborative projects followed to a general acclaim and devotion of the audience. Despite being very active as an artist and performer as well as a radio personality and an actor in films and commercials, Dmitry retains an open explorative nature, constantly seeking new expressive possibilities and ideas.

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