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Empowering Our Workforce: Scudder Roofing and Monterey Peninsula College Announce ESL Program Partnership

Scudder Roofing and Monterey Peninsula College are committed to sustaining this invaluable ESL program, fostering employee development, and nurturing a diverse workforce rich in leadership potential.


MARINA, CA, March 28th, 2024 -- In a strategic move to foster inclusivity and empower its diverse workforce, Scudder Roofing proudly announces a community partnership with Monterey Peninsula College (MPC) to provide an ESL (English as a Second Language) program at its Marina, CA headquarters. This new initiative is set to redefine how companies support their employees by offering non-native English speakers the chance to enhance their language skills, boost fluency and confidence in communication, overcome language barriers, and acquire the essential language proficiency required for success in the workplace and beyond.

The journey of Hispanic employees is often marked by numerous challenges, with language barriers topping the list. Proficiency in English is not merely a skill but a gateway to improved career prospects, effective collaboration, and a stronger sense of belonging within the company and the community. The comprehensive ESL program offered by Scudder Roofing and MPC aims to empower Scudder's Hispanic employees to enhance their communication skills, achieve career advancement, and increase confidence, benefiting both employees and the company.

Scudder Roofing's ESL program offers foundational coursework as a solid basis for language proficiency. This coursework is further enriched by a tailored curriculum designed to address the unique needs of their employees, including industry-specific vocabulary and day-to-day interactions. The program is conducted on-site at Scudder Roofing's Marina, CA headquarters and taught by a Monterey Peninsula College instructor. The inaugural ESL program ran through December 2023 with an initial enrollment of approximately 25 employees. The program's second semester (a level two English course) began at the end of January 2024.

Chief Operating Officer of Scudder Roofing, Jennifer Scudder, expressed her enthusiasm about this partnership, stating, "At Scudder Roofing, we believe in investing in our people. We recognize that English language proficiency is critical for personal and professional growth. We are delighted to partner with MPC to equip our employees with the tools they need to excel in our industry and beyond."

This unique community partnership promises to bring a multitude of benefits to MPC and Scudder Roofing, with the most significant impact felt by the dedicated individuals who have contributed significantly to Scudder Roofing's enduring success within the local community. The partnership underscores a shared dedication to nurturing employee growth, promoting language proficiency, cultivating a diverse and efficient workforce, and enhancing employee morale and retention. It also acknowledges the invaluable contributions of Hispanic employees to our community and demonstrates a commitment to providing educational opportunities for all employees.

"We are pleased to partner with Scudder Roofing to support the company's commitment to providing their employees with professional growth opportunities through English language education," shared Jon Knolle, Vice President of Academic Affairs at Monterey Peninsula College. "This partnership underpins MPC's commitment to working with regional employers to deliver high-quality instruction for their employees to gain skills and advance personal and professional goals."

Scudder Roofing fully covered the ESL program's costs for the first and second semesters; however, the company is actively exploring opportunities for workforce development grants and other funding options in the future.

Scudder Roofing and Monterey Peninsula College are committed to sustaining this invaluable program, fostering employee development, and nurturing a diverse workforce rich in leadership potential.

For additional information about Scudder Roofing and this partnership, please contact Jennifer Scudder, Scudder Roofing's Chief Operations Officer, at 831-373-7212.

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