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Kathy Bee Is One Of The First Black Female Vocalist On The Billboard Charts

Prior to Beyonce' who became the first Black Female Artist to chart #1 on the Hot Country Billboard Charts, were the original Black Female Country Music Artists...the Pioneers.. including Award Winning Singer/Songwriter Kathy Bee.


After Linda Martell, who charted the National Hot Country Billboard Charts in 1969 (her hit song Color Him Father written by Richard Spencer), there’s Kathy Bee. On Oct. 8, 1988 became one of the First Black Female Singer/Songwriter/Producer, to chart the National Hot Country Billboard Charts, Cashbox, and Indie Charts with her song Let's Go Party.

In 1985 Bee joined the California Country Music Association, (CCMA) and began winning local and state completions as a singer/songwriter in the areas of Entertainer of the Year, Female Vocalist of the Year, Record of the Year and Song of the Year; representing Los Angeles County.

Kathy Bee also hosted her own Award Winning Country Cable TV Show “K. B. Country” that aired in Los Angeles and Orange County and later her TV Show Touching Lives “about People Helping People” (250 shows). Kathy Bee also appeared on “Nashville Now (nationally syndicated show out of Nashville, TN), Fan Fair, Danny’s Day, Jerry Lewis Telethon, Leeza, performed at National Hotrod Association (NHRA) Events, Women In Film Events in Hollywood, and in Malibu performing her signature unity song “I’m An American”.

As a black woman in the predominantly white genre of country music, Kathy Bee's winning awards and chart success is a significant milestone that paved the way for future generations of diverse artists. Her achievements serve as an inspiration to aspiring musicians everywhere, demonstrating that talent knows no bounds and that music is a universal language that transcends race and gender.

In celebration of Kathy Bee's accomplishments, and acknowledging Beyonce’ extraordinary efforts to reach the unreachable stars...Kathy, her team, and fans are hosting a series of events and promotional activities to honor the success of Black Women and their contributions to the Country Music Industry...

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