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How IT companies in Belarus make payments quickly?

Spex Advisers this week presented a new service on the list, namely payroll.


Spex Advisers this week presented a new service on the list, namely payroll.

Payroll services help IT companies in Belarus to make salaries and taxes payments in time and in accordance with the legislation. Besides, payroll services include calculating and preparation of documentation of wages and benefits. It is helpful for companies who start their business or expand it on an international scale and hire employees from different countries and accept them under different conditions of work registration.

A survey of resident companies of the Hi-Tech Park showed that accounting services, due to frequent changes, cause the greatest need for outside opinion. 56% of the survey participants confirmed that they would be glad to have the opportunity to delegate the salary payment process. Another 34% have problems understanding how to pay taxes. And about 10% need consultations on other accounting services.

Chief accountant said “We are proud to launch a new service in our company. We have been providing assistance with recruitment and establishment of business and now we are ready to resolve issues related to human resources payments. Such highly specialized services in the IT field help the company stay up to date with legislative changes and warn itself against possible problems”.

In addition to payroll for professionals, specks also helps with their hiring, registration and onboarding. Thus, the specialists of the companies not only receive protection of their financial interests, but also form a cohesive team of professionals who meet the interests of the company.

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Spex Advisers has been providing recruitment, accounting and management services for companies in Belarus for 7 years. The company carefully monitors all changes and trends in the market and helps companies not only to open a business in Belarus, but also to successfully master the market, gaining the status of international companies with offices around the world.

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