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NoTraffic Wins ‘Automotive Service of the Year’ in the 2024 AutoTech Awards

The leading AI mobility platform earned the prestigious industry recognition for its mission to digitize the backbone of transportation for the benefit of all road users


[Overland Park, KS, June 5, 2024]NoTraffic, the developer of the leading AI mobility platform, today announced that it has been named the “Automotive Service of the Year” by the AutoTech Awards. This award was presented to NoTraffic in recognition of the company’s mobility management platform that leverages AI, edge computing, and V2X connectivity to retrofit signalized intersections into one automated, cloud-connected hub to enhance road safety and reduce congestion and carbon emissions.

The AutoTech Awards are organized by Ward’sAuto, who through their reach and community, connection and event power, and the research expertise of Wards Intelligence, the brand provides expert direction into automotive and technology leadership.. To honor the outstanding achievements of individuals and companies who are leading the charge in driving the automotive industry forward, WardsAuto introduced the AutoTech Awards. With the boom of mobility innovation, the competition has only grown fiercer over the years. The complete list of this year’s award winners can be viewed on The AutoTech Awards website at .

Chosen as Automotive Service of the Year, NoTraffic is empowering the future of transportation with software defined infrastructure by revolutionizing traffic lights into a cloud-connected digital grid to enhance efficiency, sustainability, and safety while enabling the next generation of mobility. This transformative approach seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure, offering a cutting-edge AI-powered platform along with a software-defined SaaS platform. This allows Departments of Transportation (DOTs) and other agencies to effectively manage traffic in real time eliminating reliance on costly legacy solutions with limited interoperability. The comprehensive NoTraffic platform comprises four components: a Mobility Operating System (MOS), AI-driven Edge Devices, an Innovative Mobility Store, and 24/7 Operations Center. Integrating multiple software solutions into a singular hardware platform enables NoTraffic to eliminate the complexities associated with managing multiple devices. The platform offers an integrated solution and monitored service, saving time and resources while unlocking limitless mobility applications.

“We are thrilled to be recognized by such a prestigious award in our industry,” said Tal Kreisler, CEO and Co-Founder of NoTraffic. “To be nominated among other strong players in the industry is an honor and showcases the success of our efforts to exceed all industry standards. This win further validates our mission of creating an unrivaled, first-of-its-kind mobility platform that not only digitizes road infrastructure but future proofs roadways for the connected and autonomous vehicles era.”

NoTraffic is currently deployed in numerous locations across North America, and operating currently in more than 27 states, including in California, Texas, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Canada, and more, serving millions of drivers per day. The company was recognized on the TIME list of the 100 Most Influential Companies.

About NoTraffic
NoTraffic, the developer of the world's leading mobility platform, is on a mission to digitize the backbone of transportation and streamline the next generation of traffic mobility. The company's end-to-end, mobility management platform leverages AI and edge computing to reconfigure signalized city intersections into one fully automated, cloud-connected hub. In less than 2 hours of installation, the platform can classify all road users including – private vehicles, public transportation, emergency services, pedestrians and more – and respond accordingly to traffic conditions in real-time to reduce travel times and CO2 emissions and improve safety. Ranked in TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential Companies list, NoTraffic is trusted by leading states in North America and has formed strategic partnerships with major communication giants such as AT&T and Rogers Communications. The company was founded in 2017 by Tal Kreisler, Uriel Katz, and Or Sela.

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