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Rising International Star

SingerDancerRising to Showcase Talent at Japan Singer Association?


Mark your calendars for an electrifying performance! Up-and-coming international sensation, SingerDancerRising, is set to showcase their extraordinary talents at the Japan Singer Association on Wednesday, July 25th. This highly anticipated event will feature their latest track, "Power of Flower Hyper World Edition," from their fourth single release.

SingerDancerRising has already started making waves globally like "Wings of Freedom," an anthem for breakdance, and "Hope & Peace," a heartfelt plea for global harmony. Their unique blend of powerful vocals and mesmerizing dance moves has begun to earn them a dedicated fanbase worldwide.

With the upcoming fifth single, excitement is building. Fans eagerly await a new galactic-themed masterpiece, as revealed by the artist themselves. This upcoming release is poised to elevate SingerDancerRising's status even further on the global stage.

Expect nothing short of a spectacular experience from this rising star. As they continue to break boundaries and reach new heights, SingerDancerRising is a name you'll want to keep an eye on.
Go Go Rising Go!!

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