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Eastern Point Trust Company published a listicle guide

**Qualified Settlement Funds (QSF) – Listicle of 12 Things to Know**:


Joe Sharpe, ETPC President, explained, “QSFs are powerful financial tools to streamline and manage settlements, especially in complex cases. They provide tax benefits, flexibility, and efficient administration for all parties involved. With platforms like QSF 360™, creating and managing a QSF is quick, easy, and fully compliant. From establishing a QSF to understanding the roles of administrators, tax implications, and investment options, our comprehensive listicle covers all you need to know about these financial mechanisms.”

Learn the advantages of QSFs over other settlement structures, QSF regulatory oversight, and best practices for effective management. Make the most of your settlements with QSFs and ensure a smooth, compliant, and beneficial process.

Eastern Point Trust Company invites legal professionals, plaintiffs, and all interested parties to explore more and discover the transformative potential of QSFs in post-settlement dispute resolution. To read the complete listicle and learn more about the advantages of QSFs, visit

*About Eastern Point*: Eastern Point is dedicated to providing expert financial guidance and resources, helping individuals and businesses navigate the complexities of settlement taxation and other financial matters confidently and ease.

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