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Archives of 12 Sep 2019

Published: 2019-09-12 Women travelers are increasingly avoiding beach holidays. They are however, going places in winter and an especially popular month is March. The Women's Travel Group has added two exotic trips to its March calendar: The Emirates with Oman and Sicily with Malta

Published: 2019-09-12 A highly sought keynote speaker and trainer, Romanella is founder and principal of 3SIXTY Management Services, LLC. He has over 40 years of leadership at Fortune 100's and most recently served as Chief Executive Officer and Director for UniTek Global Services, after retiring from a 36-year career with UPS.

Published: 2019-09-12 RELIQUIAE - Does art have any meaning? The new event performance by JfR at the 21st Art Fair from 26 to 29 September 2019 in Zurich (Giessereihalle Puls 5).

Published: 2019-09-12 The world's largest international water hygiene conference is being held in Vienna September 15th to 20th.

Published: 2019-09-12 Fuller, James. Stormoen Also Added; 'Carrie,' 'Big Wednesday' Standout To Appear All Three Days; Joins 'Aquaman' Momoa, 'Flash Gordon' Jones As Superheroes At Cal Expo

Published: 2019-09-12 Foxtail has partnered with Yaupon Brothers American Tea to serve organic, Florida-grown Yaupon Holly tea and other highly curated teas and tisanes at all 11 locations.

Published: 2019-09-12 VCPWA to celebrate new 8-foot sidewalk improvements with ribbon cutting ceremony, Sept. 26