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DMC Children's Hospital of Michigan Chooses GD to Upgrade Secure Communication System

GD is pleased to announce the installation of the GD CAREpoint Workstation in DMC Children's Hospital of Michigan.


[Detroit, MI – January, 2019] GD is pleased to announce the installation of the GD CAREpoint Workstation in DMC Children's Hospital of Michigan. The Michigan based hospital has taken the steps to improve patient care and enhance communications with their first responders through the Emergency Room and Hospital departments.

For over a quarter of a century, GD has been dedicated to providing this service with the newest and latest technology to EMS squads, emergency departments and Hospitals nationwide. The goal is to streamline and simplify pre-hospital patient care through intervention. The GD CAREpoint will allow the first responders to efficiently communicate with the hospital and submit patient data in a timely fashion to expedite patient handoff and reduce time to treatment while maintaining records consistently and accurately without redundancy.

The GD CAREpoint will give the Hospital the ability to:
• Consolidate communications and communication devices
• Record and share radio, mobile, landlines, video and other message types
• Capture and manage 12-leads from all monitors along with other patient data obtained in the field
• Provide advanced notifications to remote Cardio, Neuro and Trauma teams
• Allow doctors or nurses to answer an EMS call remotely (including the radios) on a mobile device while not in the Emergency Department
• Generate reports to identify trends in EMS and intra-hospital activity and allocate resources or training appropriately

About DMC Children's Hospital of Michigan
Children's Hospital of Michigan will improve the health and wellbeing of all children and their communities by advancing the science and practice of pediatric health care and through advocacy efforts.

Children's Hospital of Michigan will fulfill its mission by being an outstanding provider of child health services within the Detroit area and throughout Michigan to patients around the region, nation and globe. We will establish a national, regional and statewide child health system, promote a family-centered system of care and prevention, engage in the generation of new knowledge relevant to child health and well-being, educate physicians and other health professionals in the provision of care to children, and advocate for programs which will benefit children, families and communities.

About GD
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