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Koincable Releases DisplayPort Cables That Clients Can Customize

Koincable launches customized DisplayPort cables to meet the different requirements of clients.


January 23, 2019, Guangdong Province, China - Koincable now offers four types of DisplayPort cables . All of these connectors are cautiously made from the concept phase to the final stages of the manufacturing process. The company offers customization services for the cables, which is a huge benefit to match the client's different purposes for the connectors.

The company accepts designs and specs of the item basing on the client's requirements. They will create a solution that will meet the needs of each of their customers.

Koincable's plug-and-play solution offers two cable types for devices that are equipped with DisplayPorts. The standard DisplayPort is typically used on large-display devices, such as desktop computers. The Mini DisplayPort cable is smaller so it can fit constrained areas, such as the connection points for MacBook units.

Aside from the flexible design Koincable offers for their cables, they also provide the AWG 24 – 36 ratings, which allow your wires to extend to a significant distance. Their high regards for top-quality for their products and materials ensure clients that their items are built for important apps and long distance transmission of high resolution. Also, the wires of their products are made out of gauge wires for more durability and stability.

The materials used for their items are of premium quality. The PVC jacket ensures toughness and flexibility so the cables can be easily bent or folded. The purpose of the plastic housing was for easy gripping and for the connectors to be plugged in easily.

Three of the DisplayPort cables come with a smooth transmission, ideal for 3D/4D viewing. It also has several layers of material to protect the wires. They come with latches to provide a safer connection. Lastly, these connectors went through electroplating for color consistency and longevity.

*The DP-CA 01 model is used for DP to DP connections.

*The DP-CA 02 is used for DP to mini DP connections. It's compatible with Mac OS/WIN, XP/WIN, 7/WIN, 8/WIN 10 system.

*The DP-CA 03 is used to connect a mini DP to another mini DP.

*The DP-CA 04 is used to connect a mini DP to a VGA adapter. The main features of this item include:
Easy installation and operation
It supports HDCP 1.0/ 1.1/ 1.2
Comes with the complete signal into the VGA output
Supports the conversion of the digital signal to an analog signal

About Koincable

Koincable manufactures cables and adapters for thirteen years and counting. They are based in China and has their own in-house facility. This is to ensure that they're present in every stage of the manufacturing process. They have also partnered with another China-based company that has the right workplace and equipment to perform comprehensive quality control. Because of their vast experience in the cable manufacturing industry, they've grown and transformed into one of the top producers and distributors of cables.

If you wish to know more about Koincable and the products they offer, please visit their website at, or you can contact:

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