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Readers Voted Julie Wenger ‘Best of Montco’ Author

First Time Author and Entrepreneur, Julie Wenger - Best Author 2018 Montco Happenings List


Julie Wenger, a Valley Forge native, is an entrepreneur, mother of four, business woman, an Amazon Best Selling author and now “Best of Montco” Author for the book The Moonlight Path.

The novel is a quintessential beach read that will rock your emotions while taking you on a young girl’s path to self-discovery. Julie wanted this adventurous, romantic, spiritual book to appeal to young adults, but also to have a message. “It really is about our destinies and journey and how we all relate to each other and how it all ultimately impacts the people we become” is how Julie describes this page-turner.

Writing started as a hobby for Julie until she decided to commit and put pen to paper. Julie is an award winning accountant, tax and certified financial planner, and real estate investor. Julie is founder of Phoenix Tax Consultants, LLC and has been a member of the business community since 1990.

As a mother of four daughters, Julie treasures family life and understands the needs and responsibilities that her client’s face as a business professional. Julie enjoys spending weekends at the beach with her family, playing golf, running and a passion for writing fiction.

The Montco Happening List is a people’s choice competition to help further the ‘local love’ mission. For 6 weeks, locals in the community campaign and vote for their most beloved businesses, people, events and organizations. Once the vote closes, there is a lengthy audit process that takes place before the winners are chosen. The winners are then invited to celebrate and promote their win at the Montco Happening Red Carpet Bash.

Contact Info
Julie Wenger
300 Bridge Street
Phoenixville, PA 19460

Phone: 610-933-3507