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XAIN AG transfers FROST technology to XAIN Foundation

On the 29th November 2018, the XAIN AG has transfered the innovative FROST technology to the XAIN Foundation during an exclusive meetup in the new headquarters in Berlin. This occasion presented guests with the opportunity to learn more about the numerous applications of FROST in distributed systems, which will now be available as an open source solution. Guests were invited to view a demo and to discuss the first use cases with XAIN’s developers and business team.


XAIN AG opened the doors of their new Berlin headquarters to the community in order to celebrate the transfer of their ground-breaking FROST technology to the non-profit XAIN Foundation as an open-source-solution. FROST is a technology stack and programming language that was specifically developed to regulate the access to data and resources. A program written in FROST can be thought of as a “smart policy” that articulates the exact conditions under which an access is granted or denied without relying on a central authority. Thereby, FROST is contributing technical advances in Sharing Economy, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Distributed-Ledger-Technology (DLT) and cybersecurity and making them publicly available to developers, enterprises and researchers. The transfer of FROST to the foundation aims to accelerate the adoption and development of FROST by fostering a community around the technology and supporting the creation of use cases.

“The whole concept may sound quite abstract for an outsider at first. That is why we wanted to show real-world applications of FROST at our event. For example, we wanted to demonstrate the possibilities of FROST within the automotive sector with the help of a model LEGO Porsche.”, explains Simon Schwerin, Managing Director of the XAIN Foundation. He adds: “Through the transfer of this innovative technology as an open-source-solution to the XAIN Foundation, the development of FROST will be more independent and open for the discovery of new applications and industry use-cases. We wish to promote FROST as a new standard in access delegation for distributed systems and foster the development of the technology through the introduction of new ideas and contributions from the open source community.”

The event celebrating the IP transfer to the XAIN Foundation took place on the 29th November at 06.30 p.m. in the new Berlin headquarters of XAIN AG. After the official document signing, where founders Felix Hahmann and Leif-Nissen Lundbæk expressed their intention to transfer core components of the FROST technology to the XAIN Foundation, all guests were invited to join a networking session with industry insiders, customers and employees of XAIN for an informal get together with drinks and hors d’oeuvres.

For more information about XAIN Foundation, contact or visit XAIN will be hosting more events like this one in the future. More information can be found in due time at

About the XAIN Foundation

The XAIN Foundation was established as a “Stichting” (Foundation) under Dutch law in May 2018 by the leadership team of XAIN AG to serve as a separate and independent entity from XAIN AG.

The foundation acts as open-source administrator of the FROST Technology Stack, which consists of the FROST Language, the Proof-of-Kernel-Work consensus (PoKW), and related technology components.”

Further information can be found on the XAIN Foundation homepage:


XAIN, short for eXpandable Artificial Intelligence Network, began as a University of Oxford research project in 2014. Three years later the company was incorporated in Berlin in February 2017. The company specializes in cybersecurity, blockchain technology and machine learning solutions for enterprise clients. For this, XAIN creates intelligent systems for the sharing of data, resources and knowledge, that offer a universal, user-centric access control protocol, that leverages blockchain technology to increase trust and transparency between users and enterprises. Furthermore, it grants users full access control over their machine and device permissions and allows for seamless and secure 3rd party service integration into machine networks.

Given the founders' backgrounds and automotive industry experience, XAIN maintains a strong research focus and specializes in delivering digital infrastructure solutions for the mobility sector. With offices in Berlin, Stuttgart and Oxford, XAIN delivers services within Europe, the UK and worldwide.

Further information can be found on the XAIN AG homepage:

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