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Max Witcher Running to MAXimize Opportunities for Haralson County's Growth

Special Election for Haralson County Commissioner - District 3 held March 19, 2019


Haralson County (Feb. 21, 2019) - Max Witcher is proud to announce his candidacy for Haralson County Commissioner - District 3. As a life-long resident of Haralson County, an attorney, farmer, and businessman, Max Witcher is uniquely qualified to help ‘MAXimize' Haralson's best chances for economic growth.

"I believe that my management skills and experience create a solid foundation for helping this community work together to build an even stronger and more united County," said Max Witcher. "I have worked with the private and commercial sectors in Haralson County for almost 40 years. I understand the importance of tough negotiation, while also working together through problems for a resolution that benefits the entire community."

As a strong conservative who knows the value of hard work, Max intends to help unify the Haralson County Board of Commissioners. His political agenda also includes county road improvements and working with the Haralson County Development Authority, the Haralson County Water Authority, and other special service departments to promote commercial and industrial growth in our County that will result in tax reductions for our citizens. Max feels that we must do something to help our senior citizens with their tax burden.

"I love Haralson County," shared Witcher. "This is my home. It's my desire to give back to this community, because it has given so much to my family and me. I humbly ask for your vote and appreciate your prayers for our County, our Country and its leaders."
To better understand Max Witcher's vision or to support his campaign, please join his Facebook page "Max Witcher for Haralson County Commissioner District 3."

Haralson County's special election is scheduled for March 19, 2019. Voting polls within the county can be located at

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