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Metegrity, a globally trusted provider of quality and asset integrity management (AIM) software solutions, proudly announces the appointment of Martin Fingerhut as Chief Operating Officer (COO), stationed out of the company’s headquarters in Houston, TX, USA.


Formerly the President & CEO of Technical Toolboxes, Martin is a professional engineer (B.Sc. Metallurgical Engineering) with over 20 years’ diverse experience with Oil & Gas pipelines supply chain companies, helping them achieve record levels of revenues, profits and market share.

Throughout his career, Martin has specialized in implementing organizational change while maintaining high top line and bottom line growth rates. He has helped large-scale enterprises accelerate their revenues using innovative business development strategies. He has fostered business growth through effective marketing, communications and lowest cost sales strategies to enable funding of developments to maintain an industry leadership position and relevance in the industry by using cashflow rather than external financing.

As COO, Martin’s mandate will include enhancing alignment between business locations across the company’s global presence in three countries and over two continents. His focus will involve finding and investing in the company’s best talent, leading corporate planning efforts and amplifying the Metegrity organization as a whole to bring it to the next level.

For clients of Metegrity, this appointment translates to exciting growth opportunities for the company that will foster elevated customer experience and evolved, larger-scale technological offerings. Martin’s proven record of elevating major industry companies to new heights of innovation and profitability will be useful in helping Metegrity continue to evolve as a global market leader.

“I believe the fit between Metegrity and myself is particularly high, culturally, business wise, technologically and geographically,” says Martin. “I came here because I believe Metegrity has great products and the foundation to scale to an even larger software products company. Metegrity is headed for greater places — as technology evolves and we evolve with and ahead of it.”

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