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Published: 2018-06-06 Newly revamped website to help businesses understand the WOTC process and how they could potentially reduce their Federal tax liability with hiring tax credits.
Published: 2018-06-05 The revolutionary social video platform, LIKE generated 20,000 user-created videos, within a month, in response to "The Floor Is Lava" and the "Hungry Magician" challenge.
Published: 2018-05-29 The newest update to the LingQ language learning Android app will change the way we learn languages. You can now create a lesson from anything you find in your target language with the new import feature! News, blog posts, recipes, song lyrics, whatever you’re into, import it as a lesson and learn the words and phrases as you read.
Published: 2018-05-24 The latest campaign highlights the fact that all eyes are on Africa as a global trendsetter and creative hub. Whilst showcasing key winter must-haves, Show Them has a narrative that challenges some long-held beliefs by showing the world who Africa really is.
Published: 2018-05-18 Stornest securely stores your confidential and private information to be shared with your designated beneficiaries in case something were to happen to you.
Published: 2018-05-15 Fake a facelift with a lip treatment to luxury natural lip balm oil.
Published: 2018-05-14 Today, Marrakesh, the first sustainable, ethical product, global marketplace launches online. Marrakesh is a community of thousands of individuals and brands who believe in the power of sustainable living to change the world.
Published: 2018-05-14 GTK Analytics introduces new website packages to provide businesses with cost-effective, custom web solutions.
Published: 2018-05-03 Miracle facelift in a tube, clean nontoxic luxury natural lip balm oil with multi-active benefits from Curly D can be purchased now online at Amazon's website.
Published: 2018-04-19 Recent cyber security survey by Cyber Host Pro shows that many UK businesses aren't prepared efficiently for cyber attacks.
Published: 2018-04-18 Cibirix is now an official Google partner advertising firm. Google trusted our digital marketing services and recognizes that we excel with their marketing products such as Adwords and Analytics.
Published: 2018-04-10 United Thinkers released an updated version of a white paper explaining how to have a payment gateway of your own
Published: 2018-04-09 Karlsruhe, Germany: Today, the Zenkit team announces the release of desktop apps for macOS, Windows and Linux. With its most recent release the German startup has moved closer towards creating a flexible SaaS product that can now additionally be used on all major laptop and computer devices.
Published: 2018-04-08 Citizenship coin (CTZ) is a P2P crypto digital currency backed by Euro for the Investment migration industry (CBI/RBI/EB5) and will also support major crypto currencies Bitcoin and Ethereum.
Published: 2018-03-23 Moye recommends using different accounts and passwords to protect your data
Published: 2018-03-22 So Me! Your personal assistant that will help you discover best leisure ideas using AI. In other words - AI That Really Gets You!
Published: 2018-03-08 BOTY, the new mobile application that connects people at bars is exhibiting at the Nightclub & Bar Show in March 2018.
Published: 2018-03-07 Kiwi Website Design is being considered the top website development company all over in Auckland again. The company has a reputation of garnering major support from its client pool for being the best website development organization and providing the best of its kind, atop website design service Auckland that no other competitor has been able to compete with.
Published: 2018-02-16 “Ranks Number 5 for Traffic in the UK after Only 6 Months”
Published: 2018-02-11 Video duplication and transfer service has been preserving memories for 14 years
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