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Published: 2017-07-17 Canadian alt-pop rock band, Across The Board has released their new EP, "Amends." The band has confirmed new dates on their "Canada 150 Tour" to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday. Stops include Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, Newfoundland and Winnipeg.
Published: 2017-07-17 Drama Desk-nominated interactive theater company Live In Theater, in collaboration with full range digital agency Omega-R, creates an augmented reality app allowing audiences to travel back in time and see iconic 1960's photographs that inspired the interactive and immersive hit experience J & K 1965, all happening throughout the Lower East Side’s Needle Park.
Published: 2017-07-15 'The True Nature of Sharks' is a full scale exploration of wild shark behavior. Drawn from fifteen years of observing sharks underwater as animals and individuals, it reveals a new dimension of understanding of their lives.
Published: 2017-07-14 Nachman own books relate a life story that is astounding. He is now providing ghostwriting services for those who would like to publish their own memoir.
Published: 2017-07-13 The Dance Dragon, by Dan Logan, encourages all of us to master our dragon.
Published: 2017-07-13 In this innovative debut, book lovers find themselves in the very midst of ancient conflicts, only to be swept away with an entirely fresh perspective on mystical teachings found in scripture - now living lessons - filled with action.
Published: 2017-07-13 Colleen Doran, Noah Van Sciver, Steve Geiger, Simon Fraser, Jose Delbo Also Among Top Comics Creators At Greater Columbus Convention Center
Published: 2017-07-13 Red Dragon's Keep, debut novel in The Dragon's Children series is set to launch on July 15. Just in time for Christmas in July, it's the perfect Young Adult answer to The Game of Thrones.
Published: 2017-07-11 This is the first award of the kind for Ukrainian cinema-makers in many years. Amid Slovak actors, renowned Ukrainian masters of the stage – Rimma Ziubina, Stanislav Boklan and Oleksandr Piskunov have played in the film.
Published: 2017-07-11 The NAMM Foundation has awarded a $35,000 grant to Guitars in the Classroom (GITC), a local nonprofit dedicated to bringing musical training and instruments to public schools as part of GITC’s local, regional and national music integration programs
Published: 2017-07-09 High Spain Drifter, by Mark Krieger, follows cyclist Mark and his wife Roz, as they travel around Spain and Portugal's Iberian Peninsula.
Published: 2017-07-09 To achieve better understanding and appreciation of the indigenous cultures in Taiwan to local communities, Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles will host an event, "A Far Corner: Art and Activism in Aboriginal Taiwan”, celebrating author/musician Scott Ezell. Along with Austronesian studies graduate writer, Garrett Lu, the program will feature collections of photos and music from Scott Ezell’s book, A Far Corner, experiences and stories of his days spent with the indigenous communities of Dulan.
Published: 2017-07-08 Author Michael Lauck has released his first science fiction novel, and his first book since moving from St. Louis to Lee’s Summit, Missouri. The Heist, first in a planned series titled Black Sky Rangers, follows first responders in working on the edge of civilized space.
Published: 2017-07-07 In the tradition of writers like Danielle Steele, Delores Miles writes rich, attention-absorbing novels that fully engage all the senses, deftly transforming the reader into another character in the novel.
Published: 2017-07-06 The Church of Scientology celebrated the 4th of July with activities in the Fort Harrison and nearby Osceola Park.
Published: 2017-07-02 New Book by, L. Patrice, twenty-nine fun, silly poems in one book.
Published: 2017-07-01 My Crazy Undercover Life: Secret Agents Battling Evil in America, by Mike Clawson, peers into the often bizarre world of an undercover agent fighting the forces of evil in America.
Published: 2017-06-30 Brother-and-sister artists Agnes and Moses Nyanhongo are renowned fine art stone sculptors of Zimbabawe's Shona Sculpture Movement, which has captivated art lovers and collectors the world over.
Published: 2017-06-30 An contemporary art reflection on indigenous identity, cultural sustainability, and inter-dialogue between Taiwan and the US.
Published: 2017-06-29 Next Animation Studio launches nxTOONS platform for kids
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